Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Living blues

As I previously wrote we sold our house. Now I have to remind myself that WE WANTED TO SALE THE HOUSE!!!! Let me tell you, it is not fun living in somebody else’s house. Don’t get me wrong we are so blessed that my Dad has opened up his home to us. It’s a very nice home and Jason is really enjoying getting to play outside of the tractor and Dixie Chopper, but like I said it’s not fun living in somebody’s house. I mean nothing is yours, it’s not how you would necessarily decorate or the cabinets aren’t arranged how you want them. I have to pray for a lot of patience. Please pray we find a perfect house soon, or that we fully commit to building. I really thought we would have found our dream house by now and I must admit I am REALLY starting to miss my old house. Jason say’s “Good things come to those who wait” ( I think he just wants to play on the tractor a bit longer)

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